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Parking Energy to Develop Wireless Charging Solutions for Electric Taxis in the UK

Parking Energy (UK) Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Parking Energy Ltd (Finland), has been chosen as a key technology provider and charging operator to a development project starting in February 2020. This £3.4 million (€4m, 4.4m USD) initiative develops wireless EV charging technology and ways to deploy it for charging electric taxis in large cities. The project is funded by the UK Government, key partners include Transport for London (TfL), City of Nottingham, Sprint Power and Shell.

City air quality is poor in many large cities in Europe and around the world, often exceeding recommended maximum levels and deemed dangerous for health. City congestion and taxis sitting idle in traffic are a major contributor for the most harmful small particle emissions. Less than 10% of London’s 30,000 black cabs are new low emission vehicles. This initiative’s main aim is to provide a working solution to charge a large fleet of electric taxis, without causing unnecessary travel to charge points or extra breaks in the service.

Parking Energy’s systems are very easy to use and reliable. High technological readiness and ability to quickly integrate other manufacturer’s charge points (EVSE) and operator information systems to their back office were major factors contributing to Parking Energy’s selection as the key supplier the project. This demonstration phase is a follow-up to a Innovate UK feasibility study conducted by the same consortium early 2019 and a part of the Government’s £40m funding for the development of EV charging technologies that could rapidly expand the UK chargepoint network for people without off-street parking.

Parking Energy develops communication and system interfaces for new wireless charging points, enhanced functionality and reporting functions for the back-office solutions enabling multi-vendor and third party billing solutions. The vehicle side systems are developed by Sprint Power, Nottingham City Council procures the electric taxis and installation. Further partners include Cenex (Centre of Excellency for Low Emission Vehicles), University of Coventry and Shell New Energies.

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“Taxi drivers up and down the country are at the vanguard of the electric vehicle revolution, playing a leading role in reducing air pollution in our city centres where people live, shop and work.

“New wireless technology will make using an electric taxi quicker and more convenient, allowing drivers to charge up at taxi ranks before heading off with their next passenger.”

Andrea Leadsom, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said:

“Charging technology, including wireless, is vital in giving consumers confidence to make the switch from petrol to electric cars. This pioneering trial in Nottingham, and others like it, will help us take crucial steps towards lower emissions and cleaner air.

“We are determined to end our contribution to global warming entirely by 2050 - and delivering cleaner and greener transport systems is a key part of this”.

Jiri Räsänen, CEO Parking Energy Ltd said:

“This is an important head start for Parking Energy in many ways. Finnish technology is highly regarded globally and with the right skills even smaller companies can work effectively together with large corporations. I believe that wireless charging will catch on quickly when the technology matures. This allows us to replace current wired charge points using our Quick Connector technology within minutes to a new wireless charge point.”

Mikko Summala, COO, Managing Director, Parking Energy UK Ltd said:

“Determined long-term work brings results. Parking Energy has been actively been developing the UK market for two years now – the main focus in understanding the market and it’s needs, building up a contact network and signing key partnerships. Our co-operation with Innovate UK and Cenex have already brought this third mutual project working together IHI Corporation - our Japanese partner – and Shell. This build a strong foundation and enables us to start commercial charging operations in the UK from the beginning of this year.”

About Parking Energy Ltd

Parking Energy Ltd develops and operates EV charging technology and services for large commercial and residential properties, parking operators and property developers. The company is specialised in real estate, in-building solutions. The company is established in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland and accelerated rapid EV take up by providing massively scalable, cost effective and intelligent EV charging services.


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