Terms of Use – Private Customers

These general terms of service are followed between Parking Energy Ltd. and its Customers. Deviating from the general terms of service is possible upon separate written agreement.

Fulfilment of Legal Obligations
Parking Energy Ltd. will ensure that it and its possible subcontractors fulfil the requirements and obligations according to relevant laws and regulations. Co-operation Obligation of the Customer

The Customer is responsible for providing correct billing and contact information to Parking Energy Ltd. for invoicing purposes and must keep the information up to date.

Transferring the Tag
The Customer does not have the right to transfer a registered tag to a third party without the written approval of Parking Energy Ltd.

Paying the Invoice
The Customer shall pay invoices according to the prices and payment terms defined by Parking Energy Ltd. The Customer is obliged to pay a penalty interest for any delay period according to the Interest Act. Any complaints concerning the invoices must be made without delay.

Validity of the Contract
Unless otherwise agreed, the contract is valid indefinitely.

Ending the Contract
The contract may be terminated by a written notice. Parking Energy Ltd. will then send a final invoice to the Customer.
Parking Energy Ltd. has the right to cancel the contract immediately and deactivate the Customer’s tag if the Customer neglects their obligation to pay the invoice regardless of an electronic or written notification or does not otherwise comply with these terms of service.

Data Protection
Parking Energy Ltd. is liable for following the legislative regulations regarding data protection. Parking Energy Ltd. has the right to transmit information to such third parties and in the scope that developing the services, other business activity, or the company appropriately requires.