250 parking spaces with EV charging

Parking Energy provides the EV charging system to the headquarters of one of the largest Nordic real estate owners. Unlike traditional EV charging installations, Parking Energy system covers almost all parking spaces in the building with total of 250 spaces equipped with EV charging possibility. The system is one of the largest in the world.

The service allows parking users to select from charging units ranging from 3,7 to 22 kW, right to their own dedicated parking areas.  All common charging connector standards are available.  The charging units are provided to the tenants directly from Parking Energy, and Parking Energy installs and maintains the units.

Schedule of installation and effects on building infrastructure and use

The project started in April 2017 by electrical planning, and installation commenced in May, with system installed throughout the garage by early August.  The drivers have been able to charge their cars in August.  Most of the electrical installation work was scheduled for July when most Finns have their summer vacation.

The building electrical feed and main distribution board turned out to be sufficient and there was no need to upgrade either.  The approximate amount of electrical power needed is less than 2 kW on average per parking space.

Some new cable ways were installed, however, most of this work was minor.  When parking space was not next to a wall for quick connector installation, vertical cable trays were used for installation.


The total cost of the system in the garage come to approximately 90 000 €.  The cost to cover 250 parking spaces with Parking Energy system was similar to installation of 20 traditional charging points.  The cost of installation of a single parking space is less than 400 €.  Due to large capacity of the building electrical connection, there was no need to upgrade.

For comparison, installing a similar system to a new building, when included during planning and construction phase, the cost would be substantially lower.  The cost variations in different buildings are usually attributed to possible need of installing conduits and cable ways, and possible work in main distribution board or building electrical connection.

Service cost to tenants

The charging units cost from 15 to 40 €/month, depending on power level, and the monthly fees are paid by tenants directly.  The electricity is charged from drivers or tenants depending on whether the car is a company vehicle or private vehicle, at 0,12 €/kWh.

Driving distance provided by the system

The cabling was built with charging capacity providing approximately 200 km of range per working day, even in case everyone arrives with their battery empty.  This is about 4 times the average distance driven by drivers in Finland per day. As the capacity is distributed intelligently, it should be plentiful even for 100 % EV market share.  Load management will take care of limiting the capacity to available level to avoid peak loads which could occur at start of working day.


The building owner considered one of the important factors for decision to install the system to be increase in building value through provision of better service for the tenants.  In particular, the owner considered low cost of charging EVs important.

Some areas in the garage turned out to be complex to install, for example, due to air conditioning ducting complicating installation of cabling.  The effect on total installation cost was minor.

The electrical planning was done by original designer of the electrical system of the building, and this allowed electrical planning work to be completed under budget.  During the project, some details of the plan were changed when easier cable routing or similar improvements were found during review phase.